19 March 2001, Australia – If you’ve never been to Australia it’s one of the must-visit-at-least-once-in your life locations.

Our Stirling family has many family members located in Australia. Thanks to a recent inquiry a new section devoted to our Australian cousins has been setup by webmaster Rick Sterling.

Stirling family members have been involved in government and management in Australia for many years. In the 1820’s the first governor of Western Australia and settler of Perth was Captain James Stirling. Today Syd Stirling is a government Minister in the Northern Territory (Darwin) but was born in Kyneton, Victoria. Syd’s father was James Stirling (1906-1963) and was also born in Kyneton, Victoria. Syd’s grand father was William Hockin Stirling, (1869-1951) and was born in New Malden, Surrey, England. William Hockin left England on 1st August, 1900 and arrived in Melbourne, Victorian on 12th September, 1900. He settled at East Kyneton, Victoria on 19th September, 1900. Syd’s great grandfather was Rev’d Charles Stirling (1827 – 1922) and was born in Dartmouth, Devon, England.

A notable Stirling related to Syd Stirling’s line is Waite Hockin Stirling (1829 – 1923) who was a bishop on the Falkland Islands. He was the younger brother of Rev Charles Stirling.

So open the floodgates, the Australia section is ready to go. We’ll have an in depth look at Captian James Stirling soon.


Michael L. Jex – Clan Stirling Online.

Note: Information in this post updated March 26, 2006 from data submitted by Gordon Jennings , brother-in-law to Syd Stirling